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5 Things to Look For In Your New Sofa or Chair

If you are ready to invest in high quality furniture that will serve your family up to 10 years or more, take the time to carefully inspect each piece for strength and durability. Use our checklist to make sure that your next sofa or chair will be able to resist wear and tear from pets, children, guests, and even yourself. 


  • Is the Sofa As Heavy As You Expected?


Try lifting the chair or sofa by the arm. If it is heavy, it is most likely made from quality wood and durable foam. If the product is very easy to lift, that means it is constructed from cheap plywood and low-density foam that provides little support structure.


  • Does the Frame Twist When You Lift It?


When you lift the sofa, does the frame feel solid or do you feel it twist and bend? If it twists, this is a sign that the joints are weak and the frame is not interlocked. This is not a support structure that was built to last.


  • Are Seat Cushions Upholstered On All Sides?


Lift up the seat cushions and see if the upholstering is the same on the bottom of the cushion. Some manufacturers use cheaper fabric in places that won’t usually be seen. However, this also means you will not be able to flip the cushion if you need to.


  • Are the Arms Fully Upholstered to the Seat Deck?


When you look under the cushions, also check whether the arms are fully upholstered all the way down to the seat deck. Any additional seams used on the arm can come loose and fray over time.


  • Is the Foam Supportive and Comfortable?


To check the quality of the foam, sit on the arm of the chair as well as the seat. Even on the arm the foam should feel supportive, and poor quality foam is made with lower-density that doesn’t retain its shape over time.

Try to use the same mindset when purchasing furniture as you would when buying a house or a new car: make sure it meets all of your aesthetic and functional needs, but also take the time to inspect the unseen elements that determine whether or not it will stand the test of time.