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Choose Your Style: Bedrooms for Every Personality

When you settle down at night for some well-deserved R&R, it’s important that you feel at home in your bedroom. For some, that means classic designs and delicate colors, but others find upscale looks and bright patterns more invigorating. Whatever your personal style preference, you’ll be able to create your perfect retreat with all the incredible design options.

Bright and Bold

Naturally energetic people who are attracted to bold designs need a bedroom that compliments their personality. Use printed wallpaper that stands out and incorporate your favorite accent colors throughout the room. You can balance bold colors like red and orange with solid neutral tones in the bedspread and curtains. Keep the bedroom free from excess clutter so that you can keep all the focus on rest and renewal in your private oasis!

Traditional Twist

For some, there’s nothing more cozy and welcoming than a traditional style bedroom. Use natural wood finishes and classic four poster beds combined with modern upholstered headboards and footstools to create an atmosphere that will never go out of style. Muted shades of blue, green and yellow will complete the look.


If your ideal vacation is a luxury resort with all the latest amenities, then you should use modern designs and rich jewel tones to create a glamorous bedroom that you can enjoy every day. Grey is the perfect neutral for a modern look and can be paired with all of your favorite accent colors. Add elegant touches like a crystal chandelier and satin pillow cases to elevate your style to the next level!

Simple Farmhouse Style

For those of you who enjoy simple pleasures, an understated farmhouse design can provide you with the perfect place to rejuvenate. Use lots of whites and off-whites with a few colorful patterns that reflect natural beauty. Fresh flowers and handmade quilts are a must, and they’ll keep the room feeling fresh and lively without a lot of other decoration.