Design Trends

Mix & Matching Patterns

To beautifully mix patterns and create striking styles for you home, you need to create a balance between too much and too little. You don’t want to overcrowd a room with too many different patterns or too much of the same pattern, but if you don’t incorporate enough pattern it may end up looking like an afterthought.

Use Variety – Most patterns fall into two basic groups: organic and geometric. Organic patterns are often inspired by nature and may appear more abstract. Florals are a good example of organic patterns. On the other hand, geometric patterns like polka dots, chevron stripes, and lattices have defined patterns that repeat in even intervals.

Start incorporating pattern into your room by choosing an item with a pattern that you love. For example, you might choose pillows in a floral pattern that compliments your upholstered furniture. Then add another pattern that is more geometric but still uses the same color scheme as the rest of the room. Or, if you initially fall in love with a geometric pattern for your curtains, try incorporating an organic pattern in the area rug. Your third pattern can be either organic or geometric, as long as it follows the second important rule:

Use Different Scales – Whether your first pattern choice is organic or geometric, you need to consider how big or small the scale is before incorporating additional patterns. If your initial piece features large flowers or wide patterns, the scale is large. Usually the larger the piece, the larger the scale for patterns (so curtains, rugs, and accent furniture usually use large scale patterns while small pillows, throws, and accessories have smaller scale patterns).

You don’t want to use all of one type or the other in the same room or the balance will be off and each pattern will compete against the other. Instead, try to use one large, one medium, and one small scale pattern in the same room. This way you can create depth with color and pattern while also maintaining a harmonious look for the room.

Hopefully you feel more confident about mixing and matching patterns and you’re ready to try to incorporate more style into your home.