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Trendy Houseplants To Complement New Furniture

Not only are houseplants aesthetically pleasing, they can also make your home happier and healthier. The process of photosynthesis can help purify the air and regulate humidity in your home. Also, indoor plants can improve your mood and decrease stress! With benefits like this, we want to have houseplants in every room! So, here are some options to incorporate indoor plants seamlessly into the decor all throughout your house!


For a living room, we suggest beautiful houseplants that are easy to care for. Snake plants are a great choice next to an accent chair, and English ivy looks great on a fireplace mantle or bookcase. These plants thrive in many different types of environments, but some sunlight and regular watering will give you the best results.

Succulents and small cacti are also wonderful choices for a living room. A jade plant can be the perfect centerpiece for the coffee table or bar cart, but you will want to make sure that it gets plenty of sunlight and has soil with plenty of aeration.

For a dramatic look, try a Ficus tree or rubber tree! They can give height to bare corners or can be placed behind a sofa or loveseat. And if you want a plant that flowers, try the hoya plant. This plant will be okay if you forget to water it occasionally, and can still produce fragrant pink flowers.


For a classic look, a Boston fern is the perfect choice. Requiring only moderate light, these plants look great on a pedestal in a sunny corner or on the edge of a desk. Philodendron is another great option for the office because thrives with little maintenance and will look beautiful on a bookcase or shelf. If you’re an experienced gardener, you might try a potted flower such as an orchid. Although they require a bit more attention, the blooms will bring a lot of natural beauty to the office.


For a bedroom, we recommend low-light plants like the Japanese peace lily or Chinese evergreen. These plants prefer indirect sunlight and ordinary room temperatures. As an added benefit, these plants are also very good at removing toxins from the air and depositing them into the soil where they will be processed and turned into plant food. Because they can grow to be fairly big, we recommend keeping them in medium-to-large pots on the floor or on a sturdy plant-stand.

Air plants are also a great option if you are afraid that you might forget to water a plant tucked away in your bedroom. These special plants are extremely adept at drawing water from moisture in the air and will only need a spritz of water if your home has very low humidity. A terrarium with air plants would look great on your nightstand or dresser!


When it comes to houseplants in the kitchen, we recommend growing a small herb garden! With a potted basil or rosemary plant, you’ll always have something fresh to take any meal to the next level. Herbs like lavender also make beautiful centerpieces for a dining table or kitchen island!

Houseplants can make any room feel brighter and healthier, no matter what your style is. That’s why our designers recommend easy-to-grow indoor plants whether you prefer a clean, contemporary style or a cozy farmhouse look. For more help creating a new look for your home this season, stop by the store to talk to one of our talented associates! Their design expertise could be just what you need to get a fresh perspective on your style!