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5 Simple Ways To Transform Your Bedroom

Transform your bedroom with textures, lighting, and the right furniture!

We love to help our guests find the perfect bedroom furniture and decor! We think that the bedroom is always a fun project because it can reflect the needs and tastes of just one person…YOU! Where as a dining room and living room needs to serve many needs and accommodate families and friends, a bedroom is a private sanctuary.

Here are five things to consider when designing or updating your bedroom:

1 – Add Pattern And Texture With Bedding

Once you have the perfect mattress selected, you can dress it up with pillows, comforters, quilts, and sheets! This is the perfect way to make your bed the focal point of your bedroom. Select colors and patterns that make you happy, and mix in different types of fabric like linen for the summer and velvet for the winter. This will add dimension to your bedroom and give it a fresh feel for every season!

2 – Define The Space With An Area Rug

An area rug is a great way to divide a large master bedroom into cozy niches or tie together small bedrooms. If you place one under your bed, make sure there is at least a foot showing on all exposed sides of the bed to keep your room proportional.  Area rugs provide a great opportunity to introduce large scale patterns since they are large pieces, but make sure to balance a patterned rug with solid colors on other textiles. An area rug is especially welcome in rooms with hardwood floors because a plush rug is a great feeling under your toes first thing in the morning!

3 – Set The Mood With Proper Lighting

Unlike workspaces in the office or kitchen, dim mood lighting is best for a bedroom. This will help you ease into your morning routine or wind down at night before bedtime. Floor lamps and wall sconces help diffuse light better than harsh overhead lights. Also, a dimmer switch can help create the same effect! A table lamp on the nightstand is also a practical way to include lighting into the bedroom.

4 – Add Natural Beauty With Plants

Houseplants make great additions to the bedroom because they help purify the air so you can breathe easier while you sleep! They are also perfect for creating a calm and tranquil aesthetic that will make your bedroom feel like a private oasis! If you are worried because you don’t have a green thumb, try low-maintenance succulents or ferns on the nightstand or dresser.

5 – Make Your Bedroom Feel Larger With Mirrors

Interior designers love to use mirrors in the bedroom because they are functional and beautiful! A large mirror above the dresser or next to a vanity can double as a makeup mirror, or a gallery of smaller framed mirrors can help reflect natural light. Mirrors are especially helpful in smaller bedrooms because they help make rooms feel more open.