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Bedroom 101: Accessorizing the bed of your dreams

Since your bedroom is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning, it should be a place that makes you feel calm and centered so you are rejuvenated and prepared for whatever the day may bring. And with these tips on styling the bed of your dreams, you’ll love every second you spend reading, watching TV, working, and even sleeping on your beautiful bed! The first style tip from professionals is that your bed should always be made. Making your bed first thing in the morning pulls the room together and shows that you take pride in your belongings. And when you enter the room later in the day, your bed will be a welcoming focal point for the entire room. Second: the sheets. Having a set of clean, quality linens will give your bed a luxurious feeling that instantly put you in a state of relaxation. When shopping around, remember that while thread count helps, it’s not the most important factor. Ensuring the sheets are made of cotton that is pure will guarantee quality sheets that will last. Next, load up on blankets and pillows. Imagine creating a space that makes you feel like your drifting on a cloud. If you’re going to be spending one-third of your life in your bed, you want it to be the most comfortable spot in your home. At minimum you should have a comforter or quilt plus a light blanket for chilly nights, but it won’t hurt to have additional throws to add depth to the look. When layering pillows, start with the largest in back and smaller, decorative pillows toward the front. Your bed will have a polished, inviting look in no time! The most important thing to remember about creating the bed of your dreams is to invest in a good foundation. Whatever your budget, find a mattress that gives you body the support it deserves, and remember that the lifetime of a mattress is only 8-10 years. Investing in a good mattress and box spring can make all the difference between tossing and turning or sleeping soundly all night long. When choosing your color scheme, consider neutral tones and cool colors (like blues, greens, and purples) because they will give the room a calm, tranquil atmosphere. It’s also a good idea to use fabrics of different textures for the comforter and blankets because the contrast will add a feeling of warmth and depth to your bed. In the end, remember that your bed is your domain, and you should style it in a way that makes you look forward to going to bed and waking up to a room that you love!