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Create an Effortless Urban Look

You love the Urban style. You are effortlessly cool and pride yourself on good taste. You think outside the box to create spaces with an organic feel inspired by city life. You love a mix of textures, be it metal, leather, or smooth concrete, and you’re not afraid to let your spaces stand out.

Urban and industrial are a bit interchangeable here when it comes to style. The spaces often consist of open floor plans. Think raw and unfinished. For example; exposed brick, concrete and pipes. The spaces are typically smaller and clean in appearance. Focuses on lines and textures to make limited space feel larger. Functional items are commonly used as decor like a bicycle or a pair of skis when not in use. 


Accents of urban design are also centered around metals and wood textures. Piping and metal in general is commonly used in urban style furniture. For example a towel rack or the framing of a book case might be metal pipes with some raw wood shelves. 

Creating your Urban Space:

1 – Textures

Do you have exposed brick? Maybe unfinished concrete flooring? You could always do a nice stain on the concrete floor. Even leaving ductwork and piping visible adds to your urban look!

2- Finding the perfect accents

Accents with a mix of raw metals and wood are perfect for an urban look. Maybe a bookshelf or old looking floor lamp. You could also use pillows following the color scheme below. Larger items such as a coffee table or desk could really bring out the urban style you’re going for.

3- Color scheme & wall decor

Finding the perfect wall art or decor can really pull the whole design together. You could find some old black and white industrial photographs, or a cityscape. Even something abstract with earthy muted tones such as grays, blacks, and browns.

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