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Elements Of The Entry Table

The entry of your home is the introduction to your style, the first chapter of your home’s book, the first play in your arsenal of organizational tips and tricks. In short, it sets the tone for what is to come. And the star of this grand show? The entry table.

1 – Have A Centered Focal Piece
Having some sort of decor on the wall behind not only anchors your console but sets the stage for you to begin styling. 

2 – Add Some Height
Grouping a bunch of small items together looks cluttered. Create some interest and a streamlined look by having objects at various heights. 

3 – Create Balance And Symmetry
Using two identical lamps is often a great way to style a console because it immediately creates balance and symmetry.

4 – Don’t Forget Below
If you have a console with an open space beneath, it’s a great opportunity for additional styling. Think baskets, stools and ottomans. They look pretty but also serve a functional purpose; to hold books, pillows, blankets, keep clutter at bay and provide extra seating for guests.

At the end of the day you want your entry table to be both beautiful to look at and operational for your family to get in and out of the door efficiently.