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Holiday Gatherings: Little Touches That Go a Long Way

We are all most likely going to have some guests over this holiday season. As a host, there’s a fine art to what we call “entertaining.”

We are all most likely going to host some guests this holiday season. Friends, family, and maybe even the odd uncle or friend-of-a-friend we weren’t exactly expecting. The more the merrier, right? Wrong? Regardless, as a host, there is a fine art to what we call “entertaining” our guests, ensuring that they have a good time, and, let’s be honest, that they are impressed with your home.

If you feel like you’re scrambling to get your place ready for such an event, or even if you’re ready to go and just want to host your guests with extra peace of mind, these suggestions are for you.

A bar cart. A stationary place to set out beverages for your guests creates a direct path to a station where everyone has the same pursuit: refill, please! Not only is a bar cart appealing to the eye, but it also reduces the ever-chaotic foot traffic and “excuse me’s” to keep the gathering flowing. Consider doing the same with your finger foods and snacks with a credenza or kitchen island.

An inviting space to gather. A sofa placed between two angled recliners makes room for and even encourages conversation. A sectional has the perfect amount of space and curve to it that creates the same effect, and with a coffee table or ottoman in the middle, you’ll be sure to see your guests gather ‘round. The added touch of pillows and throw blankets immediately make a space more inviting and comfortable. Quality time is what we’re getting at here, and making a space for easy listening, eye contact, smiles and hugs will achieve that.

Lighting and ambiance. Natural window light is perfect for mid-afternoon, but as the sun begins to set, floor lamps, table lamps, candles, and other home decor will really set the mood. Get really fun with it and hang up some string lights for extra flair.

Lastly, entertainment. Sure we all have the talkers and personal entertainers in our group of loved ones, but what about the wallflowers who enjoy some not-so-demanding quality time? Having something to do can take the pressure off guests who are on the shyer side, while keeping the uplifting mood of the gathering going. A great way to achieve this in a subtle way can include a voluntary game, music in the background of a room or gathering space, or a great media center with the game on.

What other suggestions might you have to host an incredible evening? Let us know in the comments below, and let’s get to planning!