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3 Tips to Alleviate Snoring with the Right Mattress

If you or your partner are prone to snoring, you know how disruptive it can be. But instead of resigning yourself to interrupted and inadequate sleep, you can use these tips to shop for a mattress that can help prevent and alleviate snoring.

1 – Don’t Use an Old Mattress
Mattresses that are eight years old or more are doing more harm than good. At that age, mattresses are more likely to sag in the middle which can cause blocked airways for the users. The support layers can also degrade over time, causing other issues like back pain. Plus, you might be surprised by how far sleep technology has come in the last decade! With advanced innersprings and temperature controlling memory foam, there are a lot of reasons to check out a new mattress.

2 -Buy the Right Mattress for Side-Sleeping
A person is most likely to snore if they are sleeping on their back, so it helps to invest in a mattress that makes it comfortable to sleep while turned to one side. For most people, this means a medium-firm mattress that allows the hips and shoulders to align with a straight spine. A foam mattress is a good option because it provides support for your joints while also being comfortable for side-sleeping.

3 – Elevate the Top of the Mattress
When it comes to snoring, four inches can make all the difference. You can use an adjustable base to elevate the head of the mattress by four inches, or you simply raise the legs of the bed with wood blocks or bricks. This will prevent the throat tissues and tongue from clogging airways, which might happen while lying flat.

59% of people ( say that their partner snores. If you are like many Americans and you suffer from snoring or other aches and pains, your mattress may be the culprit.

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