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What You Should Know About Metal Accents

Silver and Gold… And Everything In-between. What You Should Know About Metal Accents

Some designers would have you think that metal finishes go in and out of style every couple of years, which makes it seem like all those accent pieces you carefully chose are outdated before you got a chance to enjoy them. We’re here to tell you that there is a better way.

We believe that the best way to stay on top of the latest trends without replacing all of your metal accents and hardware once a year is to mix and match the latest tones.

Here’s a few tips for creating a beautiful and balanced room!

1 – When choosing new metal accents, try to keep them the same sheen as your existing ones. For example, if you have furniture with a silver chrome finish, you might want to use a similarly shiny lamp or vase. If your drawer pulls are a brushed nickel finish, opt for a more matte metal when shopping. This will help the metals feel like they are in the same family just like choosing a color palette helps keep a room balanced.

2 – You also want to make sure that your metal accents are evenly distributed throughout the room. Don’t crowd all of your brass or iron pieces in one half of the room with copper accents on the other side… instead try to blend each one together so it will look intentional. You can help make this happen by using different textures in metallic shades that can be used throughout the room, like a sequined throw pillow or metallic leather pouf.

3 – Our last piece of advice is to contrast the metals in your home with warm neutrals or rich tones to make the room feel inviting. Neutrals will make your metal accent pieces seem natural and understated while bright jewel tones and dark grays or blacks will create a truly glamorous feel.

Whatever your style, we’re confident that you can make metals work for you. Try shopping furniture, mirrors, and accents that feature different metallic finishes or compliment the ones you already have.